3 Essential Qualities To Make Sustainable Changes

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

From presidential candidates to the average main street citizen, change is in the air. At some point, everyone wants to make a change. The people that surround us in our community like friends, relatives, coworkers and politicians are all talking about the miraculous effect of making a change. As nations and organizations strive towards changing their image and manner of operating, they need to keep the concepts of courage, commitment and self-mastery at the forefront of their minds. Without these skills, people can never take the first step towards a sustainable difference in how they live their lives. The first step is the most difficult one and distractions are in abundance, but these values can help individuals and corporations to stay the course and affect a dramatic difference in their lives. Understanding how courage, commitment and self-mastery transform the individual and bring about a change enables us to lead ourselves, our organization and even our nations to success. Read More

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