Involve your Partner or Spouse in the Expatriation Process

tickItemInvolve your Partner or Spouse in the Process

After moving around the world, your partner or spouse is going to have to deal with many of the cultural awareness issues that you are facing. At every step of the process, get your partner involved. As your other half, they have a right to be just as prepared as you do. Partners should receive information on increasing cultural awareness and coaching about new cultural values. As fellow expatriates and global citizen, they need to be informed about the difficulties and challenges they will face. Partners form a vital part of an employee’s social support network. Being able to turn to them for help and trust them to come to your aid is a necessary part of adjusting to life abroad. Successful expats know this and trust their partners to form the backbone of the global leadership alongside them. Listen to your partner as you go through the process of becoming a part of the global citizenship.


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