Pease International – Body Language: Top 5 Do’s and Don’t’s

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Top 5 Body Language Do’s and Don’ts   It’s vital to display the right body language and recognise the signs in others.


Our attitudes and emotions are continually revealed on our faces and, most of the time, we are completely unaware of it.


When we’re trying to conceal a lie, or a certain thought flashes into our mind, it can be shown for a split second on our face.

The difficulty with lying is that the subconscious mind acts automatically and independently of our verbal lie. 

But even if you manage to consciously suppress these major body gestures, numerous, seemingly indiscernible, micro gestures will still be transmitted such as facial muscular twitching, dilation and contraction of pupils, sweating, flushed cheeks and increased eye- blinking. Whether the other person spots these things is another question.


Read more and check Top 5 Body Language Do’s and Don’ts but be aware of cultural and individual differences. 




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