What is Global Leadership & Expat Coaching?

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Energy Leadership coaching guides you or your organization through some self-discovery to understand what you want out of a specific area or out of life and …

Belinda MJ.B‘s insight:

We have busy life, crazy schedules, we over communicate, these make us to live in a reaction mode. A situation arise, we simply react the best we can. With Global Leadership Coaching, expatriates, internationals and organizations have the opportunity to sit down to explore who they are and evaluate what currently works fro them or not.. Coaching does impact career choices and performance at work. If you talk about being assigned to another country or region of the world, it simply increases the odds of success for the individual, for his new team and for his organization. The level of engagement of an individual while going through the global leadership and expat coaching process is amazing. Meanwhile, we tackle not only the cultural challenges, we develop a deep sense of awareness about behaviors, values, interests and motivators which lead to a much greater understanding of oneself and others.

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