Why Leadership and Team-Development Programs Fail

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By By Anne Dranitsaris and Heather Hilliard Research shows that most development programs fail to deliver expected returns. Here, experts offer tips to master the real drivers of behavior for sustainable change.

Belinda MJ.B‘s insight:

Interesting insights.It is necessary to embrace a holistic approach of the individual in order to increase success in personal and professional development. Human beings are composed of 4 dimensions: physical (basic needs), mental, emotional and psychological. In the corporate world we tend to focus on only on 1 or 2 dimensions: physical and mental. It is time to involve emotions and even psychology or spirituality at work to allow each individual to use its full potential.


"Leaders and employees alike need to train their rational brain to work in sync with their emotional brain if they are to shift from self-protective behaviors that get in the way of achieving their potential. As humans, it is only by understanding how to harness our emotions that sustainable development and behavior change occurs. Understanding how a leader or employee’s brain is wired and the emotional drivers of their behavior is critical to their ability to engage in learning and developing."

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