Put yourself In the Shoes Of Others When Managing Change | Leadership Principles

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When it comes to Change Management, people often don’t understand the impact that changes can have upon the people.

We are all human beings and we are prone to emotional responses, and in times of stress, such as change, these responses can be very strong, and are often under estimated.

Just recently I had to inform my wife of big change, this change was good for me, a great opportunity, and I thought she would see it in the same light.

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10 Easy Things That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science – The Mind Unleashed

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Belinda MJ.B‘s insight:

The Journal of Happiness studies published a study that used letters of gratitude to test how being grateful can affect our levels of happiness:" Participants included 219 men and women who wrote three letters of gratitude over a 3 week period." Results indicated that writing letters of gratitude increased participants’ happiness and life satisfaction, while decreasing depressive symptoms.

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The Fuss Over Women Bosses

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While most Americans aren’t clamoring for a female boss, the CWB research suggests a reason why people should: Women bosses help a company boost its bottom line.

Belinda MJ.B‘s insight:

"A report identified 78 companies that excelled in advancing women to leadership positions. Those 78 "significantly outperformed" the rest of the Fortune 1000, the research found. Women leaders can help companies gain new insights into customers and attract a competitive workforce, the report suggested." 

Women Leadership is needed not outperform Men but to bring a new set of values and a new approach to economical and social issues.

Equanimity Executive works with Women Leaders and Executives and Organizations promoting diversity and creativity. 


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Improving communication to increase profit and satisfaction with an Executive Coach

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How and what you communicate impact greatly the outcomes you expect. You feel you could get more out of your relationships, register for this powerful Webina…

Belinda MJ.B‘s insight:


"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others."
~Tony Robbins



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5 Ways CEOs Can Build an Ethical Culture

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By Linda Fisher Thornton
CEOs are in a unique position to make ethics a priority through their everyday actions, but simply modeling ethics isn’t nearly enough. Here is a starting list of 5 actions CEOs can take that move organizations toward an ethical culture, besides telling people how important ethics is and demonstrating it in everyday behavior and choices.

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