We Will Finally See Female Leadership Qualities In The Oval Office If Hillary Clinton Becomes President In 2016

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The only way Hillary Clinton’s hints at a run for president could get any broader would be to hang a sign on the White House fence: “Future home of America’s first woman president.” Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton incited an audience of 7,000 women…

Belinda MJ.B‘s insight:

"Gender expectations are so ingrained that defying them can come at personal cost. Aggressive and competitive women can be called everything from harsh to hormonal. Men — as well as women — who are empathetic and responsive can be called soft. Only the tough guy boss seems to get a pass: he’s excepted, even respected, because he fits our long-conditioned ideals of how take-charge leaders lead."



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Women’s careers still limited by the ‘glass ceiling,’ top executives say

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Several of the country’s most powerful women in Canada are meeting tonight to discuss the ‘glass ceiling,’ a factor many top female industry leaders say is still limiting career advancement.

Belinda MJ.B‘s insight:

"There’s lots of ‘first through’," she said, referencing women who are the first to break through barriers and rise to the top of their fields. "But we have to get past that ‘first through.’"

How do we do that? Helping Women supporting women and educate organizations about the female vision and how it can benefit them.


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Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count

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One of the most underrated parts of the creative process is remaining vulnerable says New York Times bestselling author Brenè Brown in this magical 99U talk.

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Brené Brown has an amazing and scientific way to approach what is important in effective leadership to lead ourselves toward what we want and to lead others as well. Vulnerability is one of the key element of the creative process!

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