Our clients are successful individuals. We champion people who want to use their skills to create positive and sustainable changes in their life and this multicultural world. Individuals, executives, or entire corporations require our expertise as they fully explore, uncover and utilize the potential of human capital.

Individuals, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Expatriates, and their families must evolve in a multicultural community in order to succeed. We are experts in the process that empowers our clients to creatively excel in any aspect of their life. We use high quality assessments and proven processes to help our clients to move up comfortably. We work toward our client’s agenda and achieve the goal of allowing individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.

Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant, and endorsed to deliver DiSC & Motivators,  Belinda MJ.Brown focuses especially on Executives, Entrepreneurs, Expatriates and their family. Belinda holds as well a  BA in International Sourcing and Procurement Management since 2006.

Being an expatriate herself, Belinda thoroughly deeply understands the challenges faced by those who consider moving from one culture to another. She has made a success of her coaching practice which explores cultural values and the organization culture. She assists others to transform the cultural challenges into leadership opportunities just as she herself has done.

Accomplished and successful French expatriate, she began her global leadership and expat coaching business in 2011 to assist those in the process of making major life or career transition. Her background includes 15 years of leadership experience in multicultural European and American organizations. She began her career in customer service management and continued to evolve, developing strong executive leadership skills to become a successful manager in the competitive and fast-moving world of sales management.


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